Mercer County Sheriff's
The mission statement of the Mercer County Sheriff's Office
is as follows:

"The fundamental duty and ultimate mission of the Mercer
County Sheriff's Office is to serve and protect the citizens of
Mercer County with fairness, compassion and respect.
We demand excellence in our law enforcement personnel,
stressing professionalism, integrity and timeliness, so that
the citizens we serve may feel safe and secure within the
boundaries of our county.
The enforcement of the law and the protection we provide
shall always be without favor or prejudice.
We promote the setting of goals in partnership with our
community and prioritize and address problems based on the
concerns of the community.
We are committed to continuous improvement in law
enforcement, promoting and utilizing the most modern
techniques available."
Mercer County Sheriff's Office - 906 SW 3rd St, Aledo, IL  61231 - (309) 582-5194